Turn Leftover Fabric And Swatches Into Festive Home Accents

30 August 2016
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Have some leftover material or swatches from a project that you are hanging on to? Instead of tossing or discarding it, try making something new from it! There are many simple projects and ideas that utilize these fabric remnants and that don't require a lot of sewing or crafting skill. Some clever ways to recycle and use your fabric remnants are: Pet projects. Give your four-legged family members a treat by repurposing fabric remnants into some fun fabric toys. Read More 

FAQ About Getting Help from a Packaging Company

9 August 2016
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Did you open a warehouse that packages and ships goods to customers? The way that your customers receive their packages will have a big effect on the reputation of your business. You might want to invest in the professional services of a packaging company to make sure you are able to keep customers satisfied. Take a look at this article for answers to some of the questions that you might have before getting assistance from a packaging company. Read More 

Learn How To Properly Pack A Storage Unit When You Are Evicted From A Home

26 July 2016
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If you have been issued an eviction notice at the property where you are currently residing and you do not have new housing arrangements lined up for where to go when you leave the property, it can be difficult to know what to do with your belongings. You cannot leave them in the property until you find a new place to live and relatives often do not have enough space in their garages or basements to fit a household full of belongings. Read More 

3 Tips To Protect Yourself From Breathing In Mold Spores When Removing Mold From Items In Your Storage Unit

8 July 2016
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Humid weather can cause mold and mildew damage to items in storage units. This happens because the items are not protected before they are placed in the unit and they are not checked on regularly. By the time that you notice mold or mildew damage it may often be too late. If you manage to salvage items that contain mold damage, then you may have to interact with mold spores. Simply scrubbing the spores can cause the mold to become airborne and result in your breathing it in. Read More 

Helpful Tips For First Time Scrap Metal Recycling

22 June 2016
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Sure, scrap metal recycling isn't exactly rocket science. However, this also doesn't mean that there isn't a process involved with recycling. From knowing what type of metal you are in possession of to knowing what you need to do with it, there is a lot of important information that can make the scrap metal recycling process smoother and easier. Distinguishing Metal Types It's helpful to know what type of metal you have as all recycling centers don't take all types of metal and for the centers that pay, they don't always pay the same amount for all metal types. Read More