Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Versus Portable Steam Cleaners: Which To Use?

31 December 2014
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An issue you may struggle with in your line of work as an owner of a carpet cleaning business is which type of carpet cleaning machine to specialize in. Truck-mounted steam cleaners are ideal; since the steam is consistently the right temperature, the cleaning extensions really deep clean. Yet, there is no way you can get this type of machine to reach carpeted floors several stories up in a business building. Read More 

Why Your Business Should Invest In A Live Answering Service

23 December 2014
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Owning a business can sometimes make you feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions.  From ordering inventory, dealing with employee issues and making sure your clients are satisfied, you likely keep a full plate.  However, if you want to lighten up your workload, partnering with a live answering service may be the key to doing so.  Live answering service centers have designated operators who answer your business phone line remotely when you are unable to do so. Read More 

Maintain Your Solar Panels With Professional Cleaning Services

19 December 2014
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When compared to electricity, solar panel power generation is both more cost effective and better for the environment. For these reasons, many homeowners have decided to install panels on their homes. An large part of owning solar panels is keeping the solar panels clean. Keeping your panels clean is important for a number of different reasons. Maintain Efficiency The primary reason keeping your panels clean is important is due to efficiency. Read More 

3 Hardware Options For Cabinets That Are Low Maintenance

18 December 2014
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When you want to add hardware accessories to your cabinets, it is important to know which ones are high maintenance and which are low maintenance. Here are 3 hardware options for cabinets that you can find at your local hardware and home store that are low maintenance. Brushed Nickel Probably one of the most attractive and easiest types of hardware to care for is brushed nickel door handles and knobs. Brushed nickel looks like silver that has been frosted. Read More